iPhone Battery Suddenly Draining? Try This Non-Restore Method…

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If you have an iPhone, chances are you’ve had an issue with the battery suddenly draining even when not in use.  When searching on google, you’ll come across usual quick fixes like turning off Push Notifications, changing email to Fetch, and so on.  You might even consider doing the dreaded Backup and Restore – but who was 10 hours to wait for that?  Kudos to Mobility Minded for figuring out a quick fix that at least worked for me.   If you have Exchange Email hooked up, chances are the issue is as simple as deleting and recreating your email account.  Not sure why the iPhone seems to do this but overall fix seems to work.  Here’s directions straight from Mobility Minded’s site:

I have discovered that the sudden extreme battery drain has to do with your Exchange Account that has been set up on your iPhone.  For some odd reason it keeps check and checking for new info and it won’t stop. Before trying to do a restore on your iPhone I would first recommend deleting your Exchange Push Account on your iPhone and set it up again as a new account. This will save some time in the fix for the extreme fast battery drainage.

Follow the steps below to fix the extreme battery drainage on your iPhone.

  1. Go to your “Settings” on your iPhone.
  2. Select “Mail,Contact,Calendars“.
  3. Select your account that has been set up with an exchange server.
  4. Select “Account Info“.
  5. Copy down the information which you will need to set up this account again later on.
  6. Select the “Arrow back ” on the top of your screen with the name of your account.
  7. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Delete Account
  8. Let the iPhone do its work. It will remove all e-mails, contacts and calendar items from your iPhone associated with your account.
  9. When done Turn off your iPhone and Turn it back on.
  10. Once your iPhone is turned back on you can go back to Step 1,2
  11. Back in the “Mail,Contacts,Calendar” Settings you have to select  “Add Account
  12. Select the “Microsoft Exchange” and enter the credentials you copied down before.
  13. The server information is not visible in this field yet, it will appear after you set up your E-mail, Domain, Username and Password are entered and “Next” has been selected.
  14. Now your account has been set up again. It will take some time for the iPhone to synchronize everything back. Give it some 5-10 minutes.

Now your Exchange Push account has been set up again and your extreme battery drainage has been stopped. If you think that after these steps you still have this issue, I would recommend using the “Restore” function in iTunes while your iPhone is connected.